Spotlight: Kaho Koinuma


Origami Box meticulously created by Kaho Koinuma


One day I found a rose quartz merkabah.

Not many people would know what this is, it’s a special little trinket. My metaphysical but thieving hippie self wanted to keep it but I was sure that if I had personally lost it I would be super bummed so I decided to make a sign.


I was sure no one random would try to claim the treasure. Turns out it belonged to my neighbor, Kaho Koinuma, who I had never met. I could immediately tell she was magical.

She thanked me and we went our separate ways but I knew there was something brewing in the universe.


Rose quartz merkabah

Flash forward several months later, the same day I ran into Dan Bienenfeld (weird!), and I see Kaho. She was packing a whole bunch of stuff into her car for a road trip. I didn’t know much about her at the time except that she is clearly my people. We got into this whole conversation and it comes up that she’s an artist.

She just happened to have some art in the car and I was lucky enough to get to see some.

She makes the most magnificent mandalas.

As she’s telling me about this particular series and why she was working on it I could feel the love pouring out of her and I suddenly started to feel like we were in some cosmic bubble.

Synchronicity was afoot.

She felt called to give me a little gift. It was a postcard of Montserrat. I had never seen Montserrat or know anything about it. She told me how where Montserrat is in Spain, is one of the three places in the world where the heart chakra energy is focused.

I could feel it in the postcard.

It’s interesting because even though I had never been there I have always been fascinated by Spain. As a little girl I used to have a pair of castanets that I would play all the time and wore these tango style dresses. It wasn’t until later in life that I even learned that my paternal grandmother was actually from Spain.

It felt like this gift was connecting me to my ancestors.

I remembered a piece of green aventurine had fallen out of my pocket earlier that day that I hadn’t known was there. I knew in that moment I was meant to give it to Kaho.

It all felt like a Celestine Prophecy moment.

I wanted to share her art with you because I believe it is channeled from some higher plane. Having a piece of her work with you will elevate your frequency.

Recently she started drawing Mother Mary, which I am completely obsessed with:


This is one of a series that will be at a one day exhibit in Culver City on May 13, 2017 – the day before Mother’s Day.

If you can’t make the show check out her website, she is always creating new work.

Thank you, Kaho!


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How to Set and Achieve Goals: the next step after setting intentions, Part 2


How did you do with Part 1? Do you have a clear vision of what you are creating now?

This is going to require some work and planning but it will make the road smoother and clearer as you proceed.

Once you have your framework ready the next obstacle you will deal with is your brain.

This is your biggest hurdle and the one you need to focus on the most. Your brain is the only thing between you and everything you want.


If you commit to managing your mind you will be unstoppable.

The first step to managing your mind is understanding what’s going on in there.

It’s mandatory to write these things down. Getting them out of your brain onto paper turns it into a tangible thing that you can work with instead of this vague thing that keeps happening to you.


Close your eyes and meditate on your goal.

Notice all your thoughts about your goal, positive and negative.

Notice in particular the ones that say why that goal is hard or why it can’t happen. What things you think people might say about your goal, their cynicism, your cynicism.

Write them all down.

The thoughts that are not supportive are your Limiting Beliefs. All the can’t, what ifs, shoulds, shouldn’t, it’s hard because, I want to BUT etc.


Get acquainted with your Limiting Beliefs.

Inspect each one and ask yourself:

Is it 100% true? Just answer with a simple Yes or No.

We really start to believe our thoughts if we think them enough times but that doesn’t mean they are factual. Be willing to question your thoughts.

Does thinking this thought bring you closer or further away from your goal? If something isn’t helping you move forward it’s time to rethink it.

If you want to delve more deeply into inspecting your thoughts read Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life  by Byron Katie. Her work is simple and yet, completely magical. She also has a podcast and YouTube channel where you can see examples of her going through this with people.


Time to erase those Limiting Beliefs.

There are many ways to do this. Byron Katie’s Work is one way.

I also really like Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping. Those are both things you can do on your own with a little guidance from the internet. EFT uses acupuncture points while thinking of the thing you are trying to eliminate. This decreases the stress level around those thoughts and helps you neutralize the negative reaction.

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is incredible for erasing limiting beliefs and old thought patterns. This is something that you go see someone for (like me). You can find a practitioner here.

Once you feel less attached to your Limiting Belief you can choose to not think it anymore.


Replace your Limiting Belief with something new.

The way to choose a new thought is to think about what you want. Think about how you would need to feel in order to accomplish that thing. Some feelings I like to use are:


I know that when I feel those specific feelings I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

You’re probably wondering how you make yourself feel those things on purpose. You can! All you have to do is pick the thoughts that create those feelings.

Every thought creates a feeling.

“Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they’ll become… habits. Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny.” – Margaret Thatcher

The one step Maggie misses in this quote is how your thoughts become actions.

We act the way we do because of how we feel.

Our feelings drive our actions. And our thoughts create our feelings.

If you can shift your thoughts to ones that create positive feelings you will be well on your way.


This does require practice and vigilance. It is not necessarily easy but it’s like working out. You don’t get muscles the first day. You need to keep doing it.

It is doable.

Once you choose the feelings you want to feel ask yourself, “what would someone who feels that way think?”

For example if I wanted to feel resourceful I might think some of the following thoughts:

“I can figure things out”
“If I don’t know something I can find someone who does and ask them”
“I can do research on the internet”
“I am capable of learning”
Once you have a few new thoughts written down check in and see which of those you actually believe for yourself. Those are the ones you will use as your new thoughts.


You will now monitor your mind with a fine-tooth comb.

Every time you catch yourself having a Limiting Belief like, “ugh I don’t know how to do that!”


Then replace it with the new thought you believe like, “I can figure this out and if I can’t, I’ll ask someone that’s done it before.”

Repeat that new thought to yourself several times throughout the day.

You will start to create a new pathway in your brain that will foster action which is conducive to you producing the results you want in your life.

In Part 3 of this series, How to Set and Achieve Goals: the next step after setting intentions, we’re going to discuss how to manage and overcome any pitfalls you will encounter.

If you’re enjoying these posts you can get some more personalized content in my monthly newsletter.

You can sign up at


Step 1 – Write down all your thoughts about your goal.
Step 2 – Question each Limiting Belief.
Step 3 – Erase the Limiting Beliefs.
Step 4 – Create new beliefs that support your goal.
Step 5 – Practice thinking those new beliefs.


Biker Photograph by Bill Dickinson

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie

Byron Katie’s The Work

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping

Neuro-Emotional Technique Practitioner Finder

Carmen’s awesome newsletter

What are some of your Limiting Beliefs and what will you replace them with? Let me know in the comments.


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How To Set and Achieve Goals: the next step after setting intentions



If you are anything like me, you love to set intentions. Intentions are an uplifting way to create clarity for your desires. This is a critical step but it’s only the first step.

There are three components to manifesting your dreams. If you don’t engage in the other two steps your intentions can quickly turn into angst and desperation.

The first step to turn your intentions into reality is Continue reading

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Monday Inspiration: Exercise


Exercise lifts depression as well as medication. Four months of aerobic exercise has been found to be just as effective at treating depression as four months of Zoloft, or as a combo of exercise and Zoloft.   –


Photo courtesy of Kevin Dooley



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Why You Should Write a Future Letter at the New Year




photo courtesy of Jason Dean


Don’t you love a fresh start?

Most of us move forward haphazardly in life and see where it takes us. This underutilizes your most powerful superpower, your brain. Did you know your brain is this insanely efficient computer that will try to answer any question you ask it?

Always be sure to ask clear questions whose answer will propel you toward an answer that actually helps you get to where you want to go. Writing a Future Letter starts to create clarity so you can put your brain to work.

If you know what you want and you are intentional, then you can start to manifest everything your heart desires and more. One of my favorite tools to do this with is writing a Future Letter.

What’s a Future Letter you say?

It’s a letter to The Powers That Be as if it was already a year later thanking them for the wonderfulness of the previous year. Some people address theirs to The Universe, God, or even just their future selves.

Sort of like one of those holiday letters you get from friends and family telling you about their year in great detail.

I like to do mine at the beginning of the New Year. I’m already mulling over what will go in mine. Probably a lot about my business, trips, love and health. Anything and everything described with great nitty gritty detail.

I love starting the year out with such gratitude and clear intentions. It almost feels like I wrote the script for my year and it’s just a matter of allowing it to unfold.

When you’re done writing it all down tuck it away somewhere safe. You can read it again next year and see what came true, what’s still brewing, and what you don’t want anymore.

You’ll get a sense of what feels important to you. Then you can start goal setting and create an action plan with By When Dates.


photo courtesy of neunerseb


Pen, paper or device

Quiet time


How To:

If your current year is 2017, date your Future Letter 2018. This coming New Year mine will look like this:


January 1, 2018

Dear Universe,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of heart for all the miracles that happened this year. I got exactly what I needed and life has never been better etc…

With love, gratitude and an open heart,

Carmen xo


If you have any questions or you’ve done this before let me know in the comments.



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Spotlight: Dan Bienenfeld for Hellerwork


I walked down the street to the Atrium building in the Palisades, a place I had considered for my own office space. The place I looked at years before was the exact one where Dan’s office is!

Synchronicity told me this was going to be good.

This was no surprise considering how I met Dan. People had told me about him over and over throughout the years, “Do you know Dan Beinenfeld? You guys have to meet.”

One day I was at Neil’s office and I saw a necklace. A necklace I had to have and hold immediately.

I said how much I loved it and then I noticed it was attached to a human. He had the best smile and noticeably outstanding posture. We started chatting.

It was Dan Bienenfeld.

He had me hold the necklace and I instantly felt grounded. Like my feet had roots that stretched to the middle of the earth. He creates them and you definitely need to get one.

I want twenty.



I knew I needed to see him immediately.

I was outside his office waiting and filling out paperwork in a comfy leather chair. His office is light and comfortable. It’s one room with the squishiest bed that you just sink into.

I wasn’t very familiar with Hellerwork at all. It’s a manipulation of the body to gain balance and realignment. It’s a style of Rolfing. What’s different about Hellerwork is that it releases the energy of emotions we store in our body. Dan and I believe that you can’t heal something without healing the emotional aspects as well.

You might consider Hellerwork if you have poor posture, any physical pain, especially if you carry stress in your body (trust me, you do). Even if you feel like you just need some sort of tune up and balancing, this would be great.

I was fascinated that he could find a specific area in my body and I would have an image or thought and an an emotional release right away. And he knew there was something stuck there.

He pressed one area near my shoulder and he asked what emotion I felt, sadness washed over me and tears came up. I saw an image of my Dad. I know I have sadness about my father but it’s not something I think about on a regular basis.

My shoulders were much more relaxed after that.

This felt soooo good.

When I left my posture was better. I may have even grown an inch which at five feet even I’ll take what I can get.

I also felt lighter and clearer. I definitely released some deep stuff. I felt very present in my body.

Dan Bienenfeld is a special human. His smile says it all.





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Full Moon Ceremony 

It was time to gather the coven and utilize the cycles of nature to help us break through various challenges. We watched the full moon rise as we drank tea and set intentions.

There are many ways to do a ceremony and I always recommend modifying it to what feels good to you.

The full moon is a completion of a cycle. The moon has reached its peak and will start to retreat once again. It’s the perfect time to let things go that are no longer working for you. If you need a clean slate and want to make room for a new experience, this is for you.

This phase carries a strong energy that can be used for just about any purpose, that’s why we go a little loony if the energy is not focused. Use it for anything including celebrations and being creative.






Fireproof dish




1.  Make it ceremonial. 

Light a candle. Light some incense. I like to use stones and other symbolic things.

Palo Santo, Archangel Michael, Tarot Cards, Calcite, Pyrite and Hematite were what we had on hand


2. Set your intention.

I like to say a little prayer stating that my intention is to use this full moon energy to release what no longer serves me. I ask for the help of my spirit guides and higher beings of consciousness.

You can skip that if you’re not into Angels, Ascended Masters and all that hoopla.

3. Write it down.

Write down what you are wanting to let go of. Maybe it’s a relationship, a behavior, or how you’ve been treating yourself. No matter how big or small, write it down.

4. Meditate.

Close your eyes and breathe into your belly. Ask your inner self if there is anything you need to know to move forward with this situation.

Then just listen for thoughts or insights. If nothing comes that’s fine, too. This is an exercise in becoming more receptive and intuitive. Sometimes things will come, sometimes not.

4. Burn or tear up the paper.

Get rid of the paper. Say a little something like, “I release these things now to make room for all good things for the highest good of all.”

I hope this goes without saying but f you burn your paper please use a fireproof container and be safe.

5. Give thanks.

Close your ceremony by saying thank you to the energies that supported your letting go.

6. Blow out your candle.

That’s it! It can really be this simple. You can do this by yourself or with friends and make a night of it like we did. Super bonding and fun.

So how did it work? One of my intentions was to start blogging again and voila!

Here I am.


Tell me about your favorite ritual traditions you’ve tried in the comments below.

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Acupuncture During Pregnancy

20140801-144457-53097941.jpgJoaquin and me

Congratulations! You’re knocked up.  Your hormones are crazy and you might be feeling a tad crappy.  You turn to the internet (or your doctor, I suppose) and you discover that you’re not allowed to take anything you would normally take for all your ailments.  What to do? Try acupuncture, of course.

Acupuncture during pregnancy is awesome. I know because I hardly got any during mine due to some dreadful bed rest. I wish I’d had more. But I treat a lot of pregnant women and they all have relatively easy pregnancies or are alleviated of those pesky pregnancy bonuses quicker than most.

Some things acupuncture can help with are:

  • Morning sickness aka Nausea/vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Aches and pains
  • Leg cramps (Charlie Horses are the worst!)
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Insomnia

As a bonus, women who get acupuncture during pregnancy tend to spend less time in labor and generally have less complications and interventions overall.


I’ll leave that up to you and your acupuncturist. It may vary depending which trimester you’re in but, about once every week to two weeks would be ideal. More frequent visits toward the end are common.

Acupuncture may not be able to help your waddle but, it will help keep you at ease and feeling balanced overall.

To find a great acupuncturist near you ask your friends, check out Yelp, or search



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How To Bring Your Vacation Home

I’ve decided to move to Maui and open a Shave Ice Shack.
Continue reading

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Monday Inspiration: Mumford & Sons

Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free
Be more like the man you were made to be.

-“Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons

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Weekly Pick: Myrrh


Ooooooo Myrrh. It conjures up feelings of mystical spirituality, Jesus, and death, doesn’t it?

Myrrh is quite earthy so it’s not surprising that Continue reading

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