A Visit to the Esoteric Acupuncturist



June 23, 2009


Yesterday I had my first treatment with Dr. Mikio Sankey, who created the Esoteric Acupuncture system.  You might not know that there are many many different styles and types of acupuncture but there are.


My experience with Mikio was fascinating.  First of all, I had to wait 2 months for an appointment, so I was certainly anxious and excited by the time I got there. I had no idea what to expect even though friends had told me about it before. I knew that I could only schedule an appointment for “Esoteric Acupuncture” – Mikio does not treat your traditional back pain.  And you have to make it clear that that’s what you’re coming in for when you schedule your appointment.


The clinic was like a little hidden oasis, I felt like I was part of a secret.  No shoes allowed (luckily I was wearing flip flops), which always puts me at ease right away.  I can’t be uncomfortable if I’m barefoot. 


I guess I should start with the reason I went in there in the first place.  I’m searching for my larger purpose.  Seems kind of broad, I know.  You’d think that being in a four year acupuncture program makes you feel secure about your future.  But, after finishing school and starting my own practice, I had to ask myself- am I doing the right thing? Am I still on the right path?  I needed some sort of confirmation.  I definitely got it. 


Mikio says that Esoteric Acupuncture is about helping you find your puzzle piece in the universe.  Mikio has the gift of seeing auras.  He says we can all learn this with practice.  I don’t know what else he sees or knows but he’s certainly connected to something.  


The clinic itself is cozy, comfortable and everyone is very friendly. 


So, I was laying on the table and he’s talking and looking at me.  He told me where my auric blocks were and which of my chakras were not balanced.  He also told me that I had a white almost halo-looking circle over my head and that this meant I was very spiritual.  He said I was supposed to “do this for a while”, meaning acupuncture- he seemed certain about that.  And I said, “a while?!” – what I really meant was- what is that supposed to mean? What else am I supposed to do? How long? Tell me, tell me, tell me!  My humanity insists on knowing everything right this second.  He told me a few other things, one of which was to be patient.  Overall, everything he said put me at ease about my current path.  


He had me lay face down first.  He told me more blockages I had.  Some of which I had suspected, I had a car accident and my pain was precisely where he described though he knew nothing of this accident.  As he put the needles in, he described what he was doing and why, which as an acupuncturist I appreciated greatly.  Then he had me make some mental connections between points, which I thought was cool since I had never done or heard of that before.  He then told me to, “let the needles take you somewhere happy” and I did.  I rested for what felt like a while!  He came back in and had me flip over, more needles, go to the happy place.  Another long while.  But, somewhere along the way here, even though my eyes were closed I started to see a bright white light.  You know when your eyes are closed but you can still “see” the light outside?  It was like that but I knew there was no light being shined on my face.  I felt really really good.  Finally, when he took the needles out, he checked my aura again.  He told me that there were no more holes and that my aura was a beautiful violet color.  He also said that I had three spheres above my head- 3 higher chakras were opened.  I could feel that.  I felt whole again- connected to whatever that “one-ness” is.  Groovy.


He told me again, with conviction, that I was going to be a great healer and to just be patient. I don’t need to know everything now. He said today would be a good day to meditate.  No kidding!  He’s also a strong advocate for proper nutrition, so he told me to eat more greens.  I have read his nutrition book “Support the Mountain” and it’s very intriguing.  It’s nutrition for not just health but expanded consciousness.


What a complete pleasure.  Mikio just seems like a happy person, a bright shiny light amidst the chaos of the city.  


I slept like a baby that night, until I woke up from a dream just before 6am. I never wake up at 6. I felt like the dream had a message for me. With my eyes closed I jotted down what I could remember.  This morning, after re-assessing what I wrote, I knew that my intuition was telling me to start a blog about the healing arts.  So, here I am.  An acupuncturist with a blog.  If you have any healing arts modalities that you particularly love or want to try, please share them with me.  I love to try new things and now I love to write about them.


To learn more about Dr. Mikio Sankey or to schedule an appointment with him http://esotericacupuncture.blogspot.com/






About CarmenMargazi

I am an acupuncturist, reiki and NET practitioner in the Los Angeles area. I look forward to supporting your wellness journey.
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