The Best Coffee Alternative


In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a coffee drinker.  I love the taste but it makes me feel like I did a bunch of uppers and not in a good way.  It’s my understanding that in homeopathy coffee is used as an antidote to their remedies.  Apparently, the oils create toxicity, so it doesn’t even matter if it’s decaf.  Basically, it undoes anything beneficial.  Plus, coffee is totally acidic, can create digestive problems, and puts your body into a state of fight-or-flight. 

Ready to quit coffee now?  Great.  I have just the thing… 

Teecino!  I tried it for the first time at Real Food Daily.  It’s really a tea, they call it an “herbal coffee”.  It has that same roasted aroma that coffee has and the taste is divine.  Add a little steamed vanilla soy milk and you’ve got yourself a fantastic coffee alternative that doesn’t disappoint.

To ween yourself off your daily cup(s) of Joe, try combining the two, adding less and less actual coffee each time.  Teecino doesn’t have caffeine but it has natural energy boosters that won’t put you in a perpetual cycle of peaks and crashes like coffee does.  Plus, it’s non-acidic, good for your digestion, and cardiovascular health.

There are a whole bunch of different flavors.  I love the Vanilla Nut, to which I add my morning whey protein powder and some vanilla soy.  It’s like a luxurious latte from Coffee Bean. Mmmmmm….

You can brew Teecino like coffee but since I don’t own a coffee machine, I just like to use the tea bags, which also travel easy.

To find Teecino near you, click here.  

Photo courtesy of filmvanalledag.


About CarmenMargazi

I am an acupuncturist, reiki and NET practitioner in the Los Angeles area. I look forward to supporting your wellness journey.
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One Response to The Best Coffee Alternative

  1. Becca J. says:

    This is extremely helpful advice, thanks! Since I’m the only one in my family who likes coffee occassionally, it’s impractical to buy a coffee machine. So, I’ve been thinking about buying the new instant-coffee-that-tastes-like-gourmet from a Starbucks competitor. Now I can cut out the coffee bean altogether. I didn’t know it was harmful to homeopathic practices!


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