Full Moon Ceremony 

It was time to gather the coven and utilize the cycles of nature to help us break through various challenges. We watched the full moon rise as we drank tea and set intentions.

There are many ways to do a ceremony and I always recommend modifying it to what feels good to you.

The full moon is a completion of a cycle. The moon has reached its peak and will start to retreat once again. It’s the perfect time to let things go that are no longer working for you. If you need a clean slate and want to make room for a new experience, this is for you.

This phase carries a strong energy that can be used for just about any purpose, that’s why we go a little loony if the energy is not focused. Use it for anything including celebrations and being creative.






Fireproof dish




1.  Make it ceremonial. 

Light a candle. Light some incense. I like to use stones and other symbolic things.

Palo Santo, Archangel Michael, Tarot Cards, Calcite, Pyrite and Hematite were what we had on hand


2. Set your intention.

I like to say a little prayer stating that my intention is to use this full moon energy to release what no longer serves me. I ask for the help of my spirit guides and higher beings of consciousness.

You can skip that if you’re not into Angels, Ascended Masters and all that hoopla.

3. Write it down.

Write down what you are wanting to let go of. Maybe it’s a relationship, a behavior, or how you’ve been treating yourself. No matter how big or small, write it down.

4. Meditate.

Close your eyes and breathe into your belly. Ask your inner self if there is anything you need to know to move forward with this situation.

Then just listen for thoughts or insights. If nothing comes that’s fine, too. This is an exercise in becoming more receptive and intuitive. Sometimes things will come, sometimes not.

4. Burn or tear up the paper.

Get rid of the paper. Say a little something like, “I release these things now to make room for all good things for the highest good of all.”

I hope this goes without saying but f you burn your paper please use a fireproof container and be safe.

5. Give thanks.

Close your ceremony by saying thank you to the energies that supported your letting go.

6. Blow out your candle.

That’s it! It can really be this simple. You can do this by yourself or with friends and make a night of it like we did. Super bonding and fun.

So how did it work? One of my intentions was to start blogging again and voila!

Here I am.


Tell me about your favorite ritual traditions you’ve tried in the comments below.


About CarmenMargazi

I am an acupuncturist, reiki and NET practitioner in the Los Angeles area. I look forward to supporting your wellness journey.
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