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Why You Should Write a Future Letter at the New Year

Don’t you love a fresh start?

Most of us move forward haphazardly in life and see where it takes us. This underutilizes your most powerful superpower, your brain. Did you know your brain is this insanely efficient computer that will try to answer any question you ask it?
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Spotlight: Dan Bienenfeld for Hellerwork

I walked down the street to the Atrium building in the Palisades, a place I had considered for my own office space. The place I looked at years before was the exact one where Dan’s office is! Synchronicity told me … Continue reading

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Connecting To Your Creator Within

We are all creative. I believe that’s what we’ve come here to do. Create. Maybe it’s not a painting or a song, but we do create our lives, which can become a beautiful masterpiece. We are all artists. Some of … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Start Improving Your Well-Being Today

It’s important that we have the tools we need to be in control of our well-being.  When I see a new patient, I give them a little Welcome Packet that includes tips on what they can do for themselves to … Continue reading

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Vibrational Alignment Exercise

I’ve been reading a lot about vibrational alignment lately. At first, I was like what does that even mean?? Continue reading

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Specialized Kinesiology

I finally went to see Linda Foley.  Bottom line: what a FANTASTIC treatment! From the West Side, the trip to Linda’s office in Alta Dena took a little under an hour.  I went in the middle of the day, so … Continue reading

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Abby Goes To The Muscle Tester

I’d been feeling overwhelmed and unable to shake it. Carmen suggested i see an applied kinesiologist. Applied kinesiology (AK) is a branch of chiropractic medicine. The theory is that every organ dysfunction and emotion is accompanied by a weakness in a corresponding muscle. Continue reading

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Melody’s Crystal Workshop

Ok, so I know that crystals are a little “woo woo” for some folks, but I absolutely love them. I always thought they were beautiful and then a couple of years ago a teacher showed me that they could actually be used for healing. This massively intrigued me. I mean, it made perfect sense really- they grow from the earth like plants so why wouldn’t we be able to use them in a similar way?
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Karmic Clarity

Nicole is a clairvoyant and so much more. She helped me find karmic clarity. Continue reading

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