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Spotlight: Kaho Koinuma

  One day I found a rose quartz merkabah. Not many people would know what this is, it’s a special little trinket. My metaphysical but thieving hippie self wanted to keep it but I was sure that if I had … Continue reading

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Full Moon Ceremony 

It was time to gather the coven and utilize the cycles of nature to help us break through various challenges. We watched the full moon rise as we drank tea and set intentions. There are many ways to do a … Continue reading

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High Chi: Jewelry That Gives You Oomph

Maybe you think jewelry isn’t totally in line with this little wellness blog I have going on, but my dear, you would be sadly mistaken.  The first reason being that jewelry can make a person feel beautiful, and wellness is … Continue reading

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Native Spirit Lodge

This place is such a find!  They have a vast assortment of tumbled stones and Native American paraphernalia.  If you are looking for more raw stones  you might be better off trying Burminco, though.  Native Spirit Lodge has some raw pieces but … Continue reading

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Vibrational Alignment Exercise

I’ve been reading a lot about vibrational alignment lately. At first, I was like what does that even mean?? Continue reading

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Burminco Rock Shop

My future Mother-in-Law, Mrs. V, used to take her sons to this rock shop when they were kids. Thanks to good storage they still happened to have these rock collections as adults, which I, the eternal rockhound, gratefully inherited. Continue reading

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Melody’s Crystal Workshop

Ok, so I know that crystals are a little “woo woo” for some folks, but I absolutely love them. I always thought they were beautiful and then a couple of years ago a teacher showed me that they could actually be used for healing. This massively intrigued me. I mean, it made perfect sense really- they grow from the earth like plants so why wouldn’t we be able to use them in a similar way?
Continue reading

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