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Spotlight: Kaho Koinuma

  One day I found a rose quartz merkabah. Not many people would know what this is, it’s a special little trinket. My metaphysical but thieving hippie self wanted to keep it but I was sure that if I had … Continue reading

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Spotlight: Dan Bienenfeld for Hellerwork

I walked down the street to the Atrium building in the Palisades, a place I had considered for my own office space. The place I looked at years before was the exact one where Dan’s office is! Synchronicity told me … Continue reading

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The Best Coffee Alternative

  In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not a coffee drinker.  I love the taste but it makes me feel like I did a bunch of uppers and not in a good way.  It’s my understanding that in homeopathy coffee … Continue reading

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High Chi: Jewelry That Gives You Oomph

Maybe you think jewelry isn’t totally in line with this little wellness blog I have going on, but my dear, you would be sadly mistaken.  The first reason being that jewelry can make a person feel beautiful, and wellness is … Continue reading

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The Best Diet Soda Alternative

    I have a confession… I heart soda extremely.  I know, I know- the sugar! The caffeine! The aspartame! The acidity!  Soda is terrible for us for so many reasons but it’s so frickin’ tasty, it has been a hard thing for … Continue reading

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Convenient Ways To Be Grateful

I recently got an iPhone, it’s awesome.  One of the best things about the iPhone is all the “apps” you can have.  Apps are different pieces of software that allow you to interact with different topics you might be interested … Continue reading

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