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Spotlight: Dan Bienenfeld for Hellerwork

I walked down the street to the Atrium building in the Palisades, a place I had considered for my own office space. The place I looked at years before was the exact one where Dan’s office is! Synchronicity told me … Continue reading

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High Chi: Jewelry That Gives You Oomph

Maybe you think jewelry isn’t totally in line with this little wellness blog I have going on, but my dear, you would be sadly mistaken.  The first reason being that jewelry can make a person feel beautiful, and wellness is … Continue reading

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T-Shirts That Spread the Love

I’ve been ruminating on this idea for a while….  I notice that people wear t-shirts that say a lot about themselves, that express who they are, and are cool to look at- which is great, we should all be fully … Continue reading

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